How to use iCloud sync in DEVONthink 2.10?

As you see , I am using DEVONthink 2.10.

But I cannot find iCloud sync choice. Where it is ?

iCloud syncing requires you have activated iCloud Drive on the machine/device you’re setting up iCloud sync.
Select iCloud Drive in System Preferences > iCloud and check the edition of DEVONthink you’re running.

I am sure that I have activate iCloud

Besides,I have been using iCloud for years to sync other APP data except DEVONthink.

Reboot the machine and check again.

I have the same problem.

It doesn’t work on 2.10.1 either.
iCloud is on.
I don’t have “Desktop & Documents Folders” on in iCloud.
I don’t store my databases in another sync service, just in my user folder at Harddrive/Users/MyName/DevonThink Databases.
I currently sync over local network, switched from Dropbox because I had too little storage.