How to use styled emails ?

I have found in the E-mail preferences of DEVONagent that I can use a style sheet to format the emails of my scheduled search sets.

I have selected the option Send styled emails, but cannot find where I can customize the format… am I missing something?

If this is not the option to format the email sent, is there a way to do it differently and also to change the subject title of the emails sent?


You might be reading too much into the meaning of that setting. It merely turns on RTF email using a font your choose. Press the question mark icon on that preference tab and you will find the meaning of the option

There is a link on that help pages to a further explanation of sending summary email messages.

yes, I was, but the french translation of the interface was even more confusing, where it was translated as Style Sheet, and I though it was the possibility to add a CSS, that would have been great.

Now I have seen that there is mail script that could use, I will give it a try… anyone had tried to modify the mail script to modify the format of mail content and subject?

The DEVONagent script merely sends the page (as a WebArchive), or URL, etc., (depending on the script) to mail and tells Mail to “make new outgoing message” with that content. IIRC, scripting for Mail is pretty basic and does not include commands to modify styles or the like. So, no, the current script wouldn’t be able to do much with formats – certainly nothing fancy.

We don’t, of course, know how you’re defining “format of mail content and subject”.