How to use synchronize script and entourage scripts

Ok, the more i use DTP the more i realize i’m benefiting from it.

but i’m having trouble on how to use the synchronize script.

i attached the script as a folder action to my folder that i have indexed, but when i add new items to it, it does not reflect in DTP.

can someone please give a step by step instruction of how to edit the script so that when i add a file to an indexed folder, it will automatically sync?

also, i’m thinking that if entourage can run a script as a rule, i maybe able to use that rule function to automatically add important emails to my projects. has anyone done this and know what the script would look like?


I haven’t used Entourage for years, so can’t respond to that question.

But the ‘Synchronize’ script is not meant to be attached to the external folder. Instead, attach it to an Index-captured group within your database, using the Script field (click on the Select button) in the group’s Info panel. Now whenever you open that group synchronization will take place from the external folder to the group in your database. If you have added new content to the external folder it will be added to the Indexed group at that time.


This was unclear before. This solves HALF of my issues - now all my indexed folders are up to date! THANKYOU.

i have found the entourage scripts unreliable, but i can drag and drop messages to my inboxes using the tab window, so i think i now have pretty good working ‘workplace’!

thanks and keep up good work