How to use Synology NAS as sync store

Which is not at all the same as saying that nothing of this “depends on your router’s configuration”. In fact, your statement is plain wrong: No router comes configured with port-forwarding for 5006, so everybody must set it up if they want it.

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You’re welcome. Glad it helped :slight_smile:

chrillek, I don’t know why you again feel the need to be so snappy. Nothing here is meant to be taken personally.

My statement concerning routers was correct in its context, i.e. routers that have been specifically configured (with necessary ports forwarded, etc) for typical NAS-related activities, such as serving files with WebDAV, SFTP, etc). You then went and took it out of that context to comment on its veracity as a standalone statement—simply because it may have been inconsistent with your narrative.

All of the comments posted in response to my original question constitute discussion (hence “discussion boards”). You seem easily irritated, which is not anyone’s intent (and certainly not mine); either that or you believe that you’re infallible. Let’s all act like adults and be civil; it doesn’t cost anything.

I’m trying to be accurate. That’s all.

I’m afraid that there is no visible context. The one you’re referring to is about 10 posts away. That’s why I try to be precise: I do not suppose that people have read all posts and remember them.

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Those following this thread would retrace it to its origin if it contained information that pertained to their circumstances. If you’ve ever been part of (or read) any Facebook or Twitter conversation, you’d know that participants don’t recap every 10 posts in case any newcomers join in. The newcomers, if they’re interested in the content, read the preceding post for themselves. While this is not a social media platform, one can assume that people have habituated themselves to that 15-year-old concept.

But this is a distraction from the main point, which is that even if I was wrong to make the statement with which you disagreed, you should moderate your tone when calling out another person’s “inaccuracies”. Most people don’t need to be addressed harshly or brashly to be reminded of their fallibility.

Why in the world was this post flagged for inappropriate content?

Great question… I believe Jim is looking into it.

Thank you! This helped me move my DTP to my NAS. I appreciate the time you spent explaining this.

Normally DEVONtechnologies do not recommend putting the DEVONthink databases on a NAS unless there is a really fast network connection, e.g. gigabyte. You have that? Or have you just used the NAS as a sync service? Sync files on the NAS are not the database files and only of use to the DEVONthink app.

Just as a Sync service. Sorry, I should have written my post more clearly. I save my databases on my local Mac storage. Thank you.

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You are welcome.

@chrillek, Thanks, for perfect explanation. Works as it should. :+1:

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My pleasure.

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