How to use the Comment column? And Keywords?


I’ve been experimenting with View>Columns and am puzzled by how to use the Comment column. Just clicking or double-clicking in the column doesn’t allow me to create or edit a comment. And pressing Command-Shift-I brings up an information window, but there doesn’t appear to be a Comment field there to fill in. (There is a Spotlight Comments field, but that appears to be totally different.)

I’m also curious about Keywords. How are they different from tags?


this thread as well as this thread may be useful.

They were. Thanks!

I was thrown at first by the fact that it isn’t possible to select and edit the Comment field with most items. What I have gathered is that Comment isn’t a “native” DevonThink property, and therefore it won’t be possible to create or edit the Comment for items that don’t have that property originally. Have I got it about right?

You are correct, not all documents support the fields that are shown in the Properties window.