How to use the new "untagged" filter?

Just today I was looking for a way to search for untagged items, when I saw the update now includes a new untagged filter. Cool, but I can’t figure out how to use it.

I’ve searched the manual, and while it mentions the new filter, its usage is not at all documented.

It just another View > Filter option…

Ah :slight_smile: it might make sense for it to be a search option, too… from the inline help: “Item: You can use the following, self-explaining values with the item: filter: downloaded , duplicated , flagged , indexed , locked , pending , read , replicated , tagged , unflagged , unlocked , unread“. “untagged” would probably feel quite at home here :slight_smile:

@Blanc Exactly this. I was expecting to be able to use it as a search operator, like item:untagged.

Thanks for the clarification @BLUEFROG

You’re welcome.

And I believe there are some technical details prohibiting its use as a searchable property at this time.