How to use the placeholder "Clipboard"?

According to the DEVONthink Manual, one of the placeholders available in DT is “Clipboard” which is said to be able to insert links (p. 238).

I want to add such a “Clipboard” placeholder to the WikiLinks Template. When I ctrl-click the Template field in the WikiLinks preferences I see a lot of placeholders, but “Clipboard” is not among them. I tried to use %clipboardLink%, but that doesn’t work.

Then I thought, perhaps I must create “Clipboard” as a Metadata first. If that’s correct, what ‘Type’ should I choose? I tried to use Type “Item link”, but no link is inserted, although the content of my clipboard surely is an Item link.

If I’m on the wrong track and the placeholder “Clipboard” can’t be used in a WikiLinks Template, where is it supposed to be used then?

It’s %clipboard% not %clipboardLink% and it’s used in templates. Development would have to assess their possible use in WikiLink templates.

Clipboard placeholders aren’t supported by automatic and tasks like smart rules, batch processing or creating new documents based on the Wiki template.

Thank you for the clarification.
I will then just have to copy and paste the Item link manually.