How to view RSS?

Hello, I’m new here and am trying out DTPO. I just installed it yesterday and must say that the interface is daunting, to say the least.

I currently use Netnewswire to view RSS feeds, but would like to try out reading some feeds using DTPO, but I can’t figure out how to do that. I have my default newsreader as NNW, would I need to change that in order to get feeds into DTPO?

Also, NNW has a great feature where I can put feeds in a folder, and then tell that folder that I don’t want the messages refreshed. That way, I can keep feeds that I might want to start reading at a later date, but they’re not refreshing so I won’t be bothered with them in the meantime. Is there a function similar to that in DTPO?

Thank you for help and I have some more questions but I’ll try to space them out :slight_smile:

Yes, it takes some time to explore the power and the rich options. By the way, this is an excellent book to get not only more understanding of DtPO but also to get started faster:

No. You add the feeds to DtPO and read them there. Menu bar > Data > New > Feed

In DtPO you can organize your feeds also in folders (groups) and subfolders and read them from there. Another option would be a smart group, see this Tuesday Tip:

Also you can drag individual articles from a their feed to a folder (but you can not move them back into the feed) or label or flag or tag them and get them listed in a matching, different smart group.

I don’t really get the idea to not refresh the feeds, but maybe that is because you are used to see articles from constantly refreshed feeds in one window/list in NNW? This would correspond to viewing them in DtPO in a smart group, because otherwise (outside the smart group) you would ‘only’ see articles from a feed, if you click on that feed (like seeing contents of a folder).
If that is the idea behind your question, you could hide these feeds from the general smart group by moving them to a different folder than the one you have defined in the criteria of the smart group as the location to search for.
But there is no option to keep individual feeds (however they are organized) from refreshing, please see DtPO > Preferences > RSS for options on refresh intervals, manual refreshing and other options like not removing articles automatically.

I suggest you start adding feeds to see how it works and come back in case you have further questions.

Thank you very much for the information. I guess the main thing I’m trying to figure out is a fast, easy way to get a feed into DT. When I go to a web page using Firefox and the page has RSS capabilities, there is an RSS button that I press that automatically loads the feed into NNW. It’s very quick and easy. If I want to do that with DTPO, I would have to look up the feed URL, copy it, open DTPO and paste it into the window under Menu->Data->New etc. So it seems really cumbersome to do that.

I noticed in the manual/help files that there was a script that sent NNW feeds to DTPO, but that is grayed out now. Is it no longer possible?

Well to me it’s not as cumbersome as it may sound when you describe it that way, because usually behind the RSS button there is the link to that feed and it’s just a crtl-click to copy it and not really much action to get it into DtPO, but maybe someone who constantly adds feeds to his reader sees it that way, especially if he was used to the convenience offered by a dedicated newsreader.

Don’t know. I don’t see this script with DtPO 2.3.4 and it is also not mentioned in the documentation - only scripts to add news (not feeds) to DtPO.
It may be some work to get a lot of feeds migrated, but good news is, you only have to do it once. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I wished I could have helped you more.

Thank you again. I was able to import all the feeds at once by exporting an .opml file from NNW, then importing it into DTPO. Worked just fine. I would love to see a feature where I can customize the refresh schedule on individual feeds, including the option “none” so that I could keep the feed but not refresh it. That is a function that NNW has.