How will DTTG 2.0 syncing work conceptually?

I’m using DevonThink Pro Office more than ever now, especially after getting a new ScanSnap, and with DTTG 2.0 hopefully coming soon I’m wondering how it’s going to fit into my workflow. Thus the question that’s the subject of this post.

It’s probably easiest for me to describe how I HOPE it’ll work, and kind devontechnologies folk can tell me how far off I am. :smiley:

I have a ~3 GB or so database that’s synced to Dropbox. I want to have access to all that info from my iPhone and iPad but I don’t want to have a local copy of all data on each device, as that’ll take too much space. Ideally I could mark certain files and folders as “always download”, so they’re always on my devices even if I don’t have network access, while the others would be downloaded on demand. (I think both the Dropbox and Evernote iOS apps can do this but I’m not 100% sure.)

However, I would always like to have the full list of files synced to the device along with the selected “favorite” files mentioned above, so even if I’m somewhere without internet access I can still see filenames, navigate my directory structure, add new files to certain folders, etc.

Is this how you envision us using DTTG 2.0 sync?

Thanks in advance. I’m really looking forward to 2.0!

You won’t get any answers.

I have faith.

You wuldn’t have asked if you had faith :smiley:

@SpaceGodzillaMonster: Sorry but we are very cautious about talking about our future plans to openly. This is not to say we never talk. We just choose our words and times to talk very carefully.

The blog or these forums will be the first to know. Cheers!

@Allsop: trust and verify. :smiley:

@BLUEFROG: understood. Please takes the post as an enhancement request. I’ve been using my iPad almost exclusively the past couple weeks and having DTTG work along the lines I described would be very powerful addition to my workflow.


I pray it doesn’t work the way it does now. After working with computers & macs for decades it doesn’t seem I can figure out how to synchronize Inboxes. It is currently the most byzantine system of syncing, and feels about 10 years old.

Can’t wait for any news of DTTG 2.0!

same here, i cannot wait any longer.

Every second sync i have to repair database (but i don’t know it immediately as DTPO doesn’t say anything unless you look in the journal),

memory leak at each sync is eating all memory,

and so on…

Syncing is always a stress situation…

I also can’t wait any longer. The shortcomings of DTTG caused me to abandon DTTG and DTP completely about two months ago, but I keep checking in here to look for progress.

DTTG 2 has been imminent for a long time now.

I’m impatient too but I do understand. Syncing data is a fiendishly hard problem that’s very difficult to get right 100% of the time, and the consequences can be catastrophic (losing your customers data).

I still hope the eventual solution is along the lines I described above. Having seamless access to all my data in devonthink, downloaded and synced on demand, would be amazing.

According to the latest article I could find, it seems highly unlikely that DTTG2 will be available until . . . 2016 at least!
I can’t even read RTF files of 300 KB now. They just crash most times, and on the odd occasion they do open, they are blank.
I think work on DTTG has been going on for, what, 18 months? More?
Us fans of DTPO are being very loyal, because the desktop version is so good, but surely this is getting just daft now?
Someone out there is making something as powerful as DTPO, and a mobile version to go with it. One that will work.
I think some investment is required, in a smart person who can get a working DTTG2 out now.
Because this is asking too much of people in this day and age, surely?

Could you please give your source? … ink-to-go/
No “Don’t be ridiculous, it won’t be that long” from Eric?

That’s not documentation. :slight_smile:

I don’t think that this is funny.
Really need this feature :confused:

I have very poor eyesight – so perhaps I’m missing something, but in what part of that posting does Eric mention 2015, 2016, or any other time?

It’s the part where he doesn’t reply and say, “It’ll be much sooner than that.”

??? I’m more confused than before … Eric didn’t say something, therefore it must be the case that he said what he didn’t say

No, Eric didn’t say anything.
I hope it comes out before 2015, never mind 2016.