How would you Share this pdf from web to DTTG?

I’d like to save a pdf from safari to DTTG. Am I doing it wrong, or is there something unique about this PDF?

  1. Start at this link on iOS Safari
  2. within that link are others to download the pdf in the original format (not encoded by safari, reader mode, etc). Lots of options to view it in its original format. Most open a page with a long url ending in .pdf.

A screen shot of the “original format” I would like saved:

Things I’ve tried

  • share to various shortcuts
  • share to DTTG as PDF
  • Change option in share sheet to PDF, share to DTTG
  • Open the PDF in safari, share to Print (nothing happens)
  • Any “download file” just opens a new page in safari. Options to share from there just dont seem to work.

What worked:

  • Tapping and holding on the link, “download linked file”, Downloading to Files. Opening Files, then sharing to DTTG.

Is there a way to do it without the double sharing that worked in the solution above?

Select the location with Downloading to Files
DTTG > Global Inbox

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Personally I don’t encounter any problem with importing this PDF.

  • Click download
  • Wait until the PDF is loaded
  • Click the share icon
  • Click DTTG icon (clipper)
  • Choose or replace title
  • Press > button
  • Choose PDF

If that doesn’t work try removing your browser from iOS/iPadOS memory by swiping up or reboot your device and retry the steps above.

  1. open pdf in safari
  2. share to printer
  3. zoom the small preview icon of the pdf with two fingers to fullscreen
  4. oncemore share to - Devonthink -
  5. rename the file title and finish

Then you can cancel print dialogue


@Solar-Glare ’s suggestion is what I would recommend, as that will also retain any links in the article. I’ve found that using the print dialog and saving a PDF from there results in the loss of all links.