Howto - key command to "Create new plain text note&quot

Like the other recent thread, i’m coming from the sinking ship of Stickybrain/soho notes, looking to swap to DevonThink, and have a very closely related question:

I’m looking to make a simple key stroke command to execute the “New Plain Text Note…” command in DevonThink, preferably regardless of if the app is in the foreground, background or not running at all. I just want to hit a key combo, and POP there is a window to write whats on my mind and store in Devonthink. Kinda similiar to the other thread, just not based on any selected text.

I tried a zillion things now, read the forums, the docs, the hints, other pages, and nothing seems to work the way i expect them to or make them do… I get close but no cigar. The system pref way doesnt work at all, not even when DevonThink is the foreground app. The service menu stuff only works when something is selected in the foreground app. And future compatibility is important. I dont want to install 10.5 in 6 months and realize none of the 17 shareware tools i’m using to solve this works :slight_smile: So i’m trying to get this work with as little extras as possible

So, 1) is this actually possible, 2) what are the exact steps to make this happen? I realize i’m asking alot coming from nowhere, so if someone reading this just knows what i typically could be neglecting or overlooking or misunderstanding, just tell me… i’m very knowledgable around computers/OSX, but this really made me stumble. maybe i’m not getting something.

i’m on a scandinavian system locale, if that matters, and downloaded the demo version today.

If you downloaded DEVONthink Pro and you open the DEVONjot widget you could press F12(?) type your note and send it to the database. That is another option. I’m sure Bill can think of at least another one. :wink:

tell application "DEVONthink Pro"
	tell application "System Events"
		keystroke "n" using {command down, control down, option down}
	end tell
end tell

I seem to recall there being a couple ways to trigger applescripts from hotkeys. I can’t check right now, but that should work with any of them (if you have GUI scripting enabled).

I’m also came from SOHO. DEVONthink does a lot of things, but as far as I know, this same feature that you/we miss in SOHO Notes doesn’t exist. Notes always had a background process that accessed its database allowing Service in the menu bar, and hot-keying to open up a blank note window.

DEVONthink isn’t running any background processes that I can tell. Even still, with DEVONthink running, I haven’t found any method to create a new blank note unless DEVONthink has the focus.

This is the main reason it took me so long to buy DT Pro. I finally resigned myself to the realization that adding a new note would mean having DT Pro in front.

This needs to be a feature request.

The easiest solution might be to open DEVONthink’s Dock menu and choose “New plain/rich text”. This will open a window and activate DEVONthink if necessary.

Thank you all for your replies and help. I am very thankful for your efforts. Yes, i’m trying the pro version.

The widget solution is theoretically a good idea, but it doesnt work very well, at least for what i’m looking for (it might work very well for its intentions!). for example, copy-pasting this text i’m writing here into the widget screws it up… :slight_smile: and its not really just “hit f12 and start typing”. its “hit f12, grab the mouse, position the cursor, click, start typing”. :slight_smile: and after typing a note, if you want to type another immedeately, you have to grab the mouse again and re-click the cursor.

btw, the dock menu hint is not available if the application is not running. i only get the extended menu when the app is running.

i’ll see if i can live with the widget while evaluting the program, pehaps it’ll grow on me. but having a always-available ready-to-type-instantnly keyboard shortcut is very valuable, in my humble, newbie opinion :slight_smile:

I’ll look into the scripting thing, thanks.

Don’t bother – I looked fairly extensively and couldn’t find anything free that allows AppleScript to capture hotkeys but QuickSilver, which is like swatting a fly with a Buick.