Howto Update Offline Archives from Download Manager?

i did some offline archives from weblogs (they tend to dissapear sometimes :wink:
That means i make a new database for each weblog and archive one weblog using the offline archive (Subdirectory (Complete)) function of the download manager (so this question is not about the webarchive file format…).
Is it possible to update those offline archives? Means only add new weblog entries to the offline archive without having to download everything again?


You could disable the “Overwrite” option and see if this will work as expected.

Thank you, Christian.
On a first glance it seems to work. It does not download files that are already in the database a second time.
New files are added. But i am not sure what happens to files that changed…

Changed files are probably ignored as this is basically intended for archiving, not for synchronizing right now.