.htm and .html oddities in DT Pro

OK, my first oddity with DT Pro (other than a crash when closing a group using the triangle, which seems to have caused no harm according to “verify and repair” but was really surprising, PE never ever crashed). When I had DT PE I added all the PE help files to the database for ease of access. So I searched the help and got the page(s) I wanted, these are all .htm or .html files, and clicked to open in the window. Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zip. None of them displayed anything but they all seemed to indicate that there were words present based on showing the word count and the “keywords” would display when accessed. Breaking out in a cold sweat, I went and checked other .html files (of which I have a very few) that were unrelated to the help files and, without searching every last one, they seem to be OK. Perhaps only the DT PE help files were affected. What the heck happened? Any ideas? Is it because the database isn’t in the same folder it used to be in?



I have no idea about the help files in particular, but the crash when using the triangles seems to be due to a system hack from another software or bad cashes. Perhaps you delete all your cashes – a good idea from time to time anyway – and look for contextual menus.

Just recently, when I tried a new version of CP notebook after a year of abstinence, my database started crashing again – links and opening folders was the problem. When I deleted the cm, like I did last year, everything was fine again. It always burns down to contextual menus from CircusPonies Notebook, at least on my computer…

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Hi, I now remember you posting about this another time but had forgotten it. The only non-Apple contextual menu item I’ve got is, interestingly, NoteTaker’s. However, I’ve had it on there for a very long time and never had a problem with NT PE. Maybe there is a difference with Pro? I hate to remove it because it’s really handy at times but if I have this problem again, I will remove it and see how it goes. Regarding the caches, I routinely empty the safari cache and a few days ago did the user cache and a deep clean on the system cache, as well as all the Crons, permissions, etc. Maybe it would be worth doing again since the DT Pro installation.

I’ll post again if the problem persists. If anyone is aware of the .htm/.html issue, please let me know.



I haven’t seen a crash in a long time – my crash log reporter says since January 7 – and nothing was harmed then. (I’ve been running daily work on alphas and betas of DT Pro for over a year.)

I tend to agree with Maria, although my computers are less sensitive to the CP NoteBook plugin, about your “triangle” crash. How long has it been since you did some maintenance chores and rebooted? Sometimes bits get twiddled (another way of saying the computer gets cobwebs).

As to the invisible views of the HTML Help files. That has nothing to do with your database location. Cobwebs again? Suggestion: try switching views and coming back to the original view. See text now? Advice: Permissions repair; boot into Safe Mode (hold Shift key during reboot, to accomplish -fsck, then reboot to normal mode); run a cache cleaning utility.

Delete those Help files, then import them again. Everything OK?

OK, I knew I needed more than 4 hours or sleep each of the two previous nights. I read your response (above) last night just before I was going to bed (finally, some sleep) and just as I was about to close the laptop it occurred to me. I had stuffed the entire DT PE folder before installing DT Pro. At that point I figured that the files just had pointers to the .htm/.html pages and they were now stuffed, but I was too tired to check it out. First thing this morning I unstuffed the folder and …boing…there they were. So that was the answer to that problem. That explains why my others didn’t disappear.

Regarding the triangle crash, I’m almost compulsive about housekeeping my laptop (although I forgot to repair permissions after installing DT Pro, too anxious to try it out I think). Just a few days (3-4?) ago I did everything to it short of running DiskWarrior (hmm, come to think of it, do we need a new version of this for Tiger?). So maybe the issue is the NoteTaker contextual menus. I’ll remove them if it continues to be a problem. I know you’re a NoteTaker user Bill, did you remove yours?


DiskWarrior 3 and Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)

Thanks sjk, I’ll have to check which version I have.