HTML and PDF viewer

Hi Forum,

This is not my area, but I started to use/create html files on DTP. And for now I have a doubt:
I created an


I get the same results in DEVONthink and Safari (with the test file I created in DEVONthink). WebKit is used in both cases, though Safari has it’s own enhancements. The results are going to vary depending on the content you’re displaying in the iFrame. You might want to use CSS to style the iFrame and see if that improves your results.

Thanks korm for your answer.

I create a new html file on DTP and used this code (an example with an online pdf link):

<iframe src="" width="200px" height="300px" scrolling="yes" frameborder="0">

This is the result on DTP:

This is the result on Safari:

korm, I found the problem (I guess), a kind of incompatibility…
After DTP relaunching, appeared a message about “AdobePDFViewer” not found…
The solution: removing all Adobe PDF plugins on “/Library/Internet Plug-ins” folder!
And now I have the preview (with some strange behaviors in comparison with Safari, particularly on scale definitions…).
Once again, thanks.