HTML Bookmarklet

The HTML bookmarklet is of course very handy when you need to capture the entire web page to DT.

I suggest that one useful enhancement would be for the script to use the currently selected text as the default title for the new DT item when the dialog window is presented. If there is no text selection, the then script can fall back to the title specified in the html tag, as it does currently.

– mpm

I don’t know if it is feasible, but it would also be helpful if when the user first clicks in the Title field of the dialog, the entire field contents would become selected, ready to be replaced with typing or the cliboard.

If you don’t give a title to any text that is imported into DEVONthink (including the Services menu, the widget etc.), the first line of the text will be set as the title. I never set the title, I let the program do that for me. If this doesn’t work as such, file a bug report at

Also note that when you select text in a document in DEVONthink, there is a contextual menu item “Set Title As”, so it is easy to change the title for any document you imported into a database.

The HTML bookmarklet actually does grab the document title from the DOM.


For a very specific task I have at the moment, creating records in DTPro from web pages that are generated from a database and follow a consistent format, I simply created my own version of the HTML bookmarklet where title is set from window.getSelection(). Easy fix.