HTML content in Formatted Note

This is a long shot and would be awesome if it works.

I have a snippet of HTML-code that creates an interactive figure (plotly.write_html). The HTML file displays nicely in devonthink, but I want to add text, code, etc.
Things I tried:

  • Since Formatted notes are HTML-documents, I naively tried to drop the HTML-file with the plot onto such a note, but nothing happened.
  • The text toolbar appears when opening the plot HTML, but I can only write in places that appear to be random, mostly on top of the plot
  • Convert to -> Formatted note breaks all interactivity EDIT: Pasting the HTML code into a .md note does the same

Any more ideas what to try? Could this work at all?

Answering my own question:

One can access the HTML editing mode by View -> Document View -> Source. Then text can be added and the interactivity does not get lost.

Welcome @chriskue
A small clarification: Viewing the source is possible with HTML files but not Formatted Notes.