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I read in another post that an HTML file does not actually contain the images from the website; that it has to download the images every time it needs to display them. I have found, however, that after the first time I load images on an HTML file in DTP, I can view them off-line in the future.

Is this correct? After an HTML file downloads the images once, will they then be available off-line? Does this mean that even if I transfer that file to another computer of database they will still contain the images?

It is important to me to keep all the images with my files, but there are some cases where I would prefer and HTML file to a web archive. I just need to make sure I am not at risk of losing the images associated with that file.

Any help would be appreciated,

No. The cache may contain the image for some time but this might break anytime. Therefore web archives or PDFs (e.g. created by scripts, bookmarklets or DEVONagent) are recommended.

Thanks for the quick reply.

My newsfeeds download in an HTML form. I would love to have these feeds download and keep their images. Is there any way to set it up so that my feeds download in another form?

Also, is there a way to change the date that DTP think an item was created?


Not at the moment.

Only via AppleScript, see menu Scripts > Date > … or our academy for examples.

If I may piggyback a question here - I am new and learning about how to use DTPO 2, and am beginning to import information from the web using DevonAgent and Firefox (depending on use). I have been saving all of my web information as web archives, but am debating whether to continue with this format or save as pdf. I have been reading the guides and watching the tutorials, but I guess I am most concerned about DTPO’s ability to search web archives. If DTPO can scan and use the information in a web archive as easily as in a pdf, then is there a reason why I would want to save as pdf? Also, if later I decide I need to save a webarchive as pdf, is there a way to do this?

the more I am using DT the more I am finding how useless and totally cumbersome (see my posting about the nightmare of getting data into this “database”) and overpriced it really is.

is it really necessary to make everything so difficult for the user?

I really need to save the images contained in selections on websites. with 1 click. neither just temporary links nor the whole webarchive full of junk. why oh why is this not possible?

and what is the idea behind that? come on, if I just wanted the link to the info on the net, I could save the link and then open the page.

the problem is to have an archive even if the website no longer is up. Do you understand the problem?

Over the years I’ve captured many thousands of selected text/images from Web pages into my DT Pro Office databases. I prefer capturing just the text and images in articles rather than the entire page contents, in order to avoid capture of ads and other extraneous material.

It’s very easy from Safari. Select the desired portion of the page and press Command-) – which is the keyboard shortcut for the Take Rich Note Service. What if one needs to capture a multipart article? Select and capture the first part using the Command-) shortcut. Move to the subsequent sections, selecting the desired portion and pressing Command-@ to append the additional sections to the rich text document. Some sites offer a ‘printer friendly’ view that pulls multipart pages into a single page that can be captured.

Tip: Selection of the content of a long article is faster if one selects upwards from the end.

There are contextual menu options in DEVONagent and in the built-in browser to capture a selection as rich text.

A similar Service available in Safari or other Services-aware browsers (but not Firefox or Camino) allows one to capture all or a desired portion of the viewed Web page as a WebArchive file. Select the desired area (or press Command-A to select the whole page), then press Command-% to make the capture.

DEVONthink provides a variety of capture options that may be useful in other circumstances, and even from browsers that are not Services-aware.

You might take a look at the bookmarklets at To install them, e.g., in Safari, just drag them directly from the DEVONtechnologies Web page onto the Bookmarks Bar.

Rich text capture of selected text/images/tables remains my favorite capture mode.

Of course, selections can alternatively be captured by drag & drop to the Sorter, but the Services keystroke is faster, although that requires the DEVONthink application to be open (mine is always open).

One more tip: If you wish to send your new content to a specific group in an open database, choose Preferences > Import - Destination and choose the ‘Select group’ option. When you invoke your capture keystroke, a panel will pop up to allow you to place the document wherever you wish among your open databases.

I do know how to select lengthy text and images on web pages.
I have the bookmarklet (no text with image option here -> useless) (I do use bookmarklets for other apps without any trouble)
I have the DT menu in the system menu bar (no context menu for text and image -> useless)

As I am new to mac I tried that shortcut you are describing, but how on earth do I get this into DT then, this crucial point is actually missing from your description.

After some cycles of trying and then deleting the failed attempts (as usual they either were without images or just in the cache) from global trash and then deleting from the system trash I am where I was before writing my response yesterday.

What am I missing about using DT efficiently?

O my gosh, I just had a major breakthrough in DTology, I discovered a menu item in the Safari services sub-menu “Take rich note” :bulb: Now, that is easy, almost too easy… What I get when using this: is it in the cache or in my local archive?


No product is perfect, but I think you’ll find that a bit of patience will pay off. I suppose things could be more intuitive, but once you get the hang of how to use DTP you’ll see its advantages.

I’ve been using it for about a year and a half and I’m still discovering new things. Try to reserve judgement on whether something is useless and overpriced until you figure out how it works.

Maybe you don’t need DTP for what you want to do, but notice how many people swear by it. It might not be what you need, but it certainly does a useful job.


We try to be helpful. The ‘Take Rich Note’ Service is the one I had recommended to you, with the Command-) keyboard shortcut. :smiley:

Take a look at my notes about the destination of a captured document. That’s selectable by the user. By default, captures via services, scripts and bookmarklets are sent to your Global Inbox, so that’s where you should look for your new items.

But perhaps you would prefer precise control of placement of your new content.

Click on the application name in the menu bar and select Preferences. Click on the ‘Import’ tab and change the ‘Destination’ option to ‘Select group’. The next time you take a rich note, a panel will pop up and allow you to choose the database and Inbox or group into which to place the new item.

DEVONthink provides a number of capture modes to fit a variety of user needs and situations. Some that you found useless from the immediate perspective of capturing text and images may be very useful for other purposes.


I hope you’re still following this thread. Thanks a lot for your helpful advice here.

For some reason, the “Take rich text” command is not available in the Services menu of Safari (I’m using Safari 4 beta and DT Personal). None of the keyboard shortcuts you mentioned work. Any ideas?

It just occurred to me that I may not be invoking the right shortcut. For example, does “Command-%” actually mean “Command>shift>5”? Does “Command-)” mean “Command>shift>0”?

For Services to work, the application must be installed in the Applications folder.

When an application has been newly installed, Services are not activated until the user does a logout/login or restarts the computer.


When I use “Take rich text” the images appear in the rich-text preview much smaller / lower res compared to the original in the browser. I can double click on the image and see it at the original res, but would like to see it that way inline in the text. Is there some setting somewhere causing this?

I just tried this but I can’t find the “Destination” setting in the Import preferences panel. Here’s a screenshot of what I see:

Is this a feature only available in Professional Office? I’m using personal.

Thanks, Bill. I hadn’t logged out. That was the problem.

That’s correct. The ‘Destination’ preferences are only available in DT Pro 2 or DT Pro Office 2, which allow one to have multiple databases open.