HTML import out of Firefox?

Hi there,

i’m a newbie with ThinkPro.
I often need to “copy” Websites from firefox to DTPro. But i have to save them and import them with drag&drop…
Is there a script available to import html-sites directly into DtPro? Like the “import from safari”-Scripts?

Thanx a lot,

In DTP, go to File: Import: Bookmarks: Firefox.
That should bring over all the bookmarks, inside their folders.

Here’s a method that works without a script.

  1. In Firefox, go to Bookmarks: Open Bookmarks.
  2. In the Bookmarks Manager window, use File: Export.
  3. Save the file “bookmarks.html” to your Desktop.
  4. Launch that file by double-clicking or Open with a browser.
  5. Drag the live links from the browser into DTP.

You will get the links this way, but will have to create the folders.