HTML items now open in Safari as a file, not URL

Items saved as bookmarks correctly open to the URL - when double clicking on the item’s title. The same behavior used to happen when done with an item saved as HTML. But now clicking on the title of an HTML item (or right clicking and selecting Open In Safari) - now opens to a file [file:///Users/james…] inside of Safari. I’m been using beta 3 since it dropped - but this just started happening. So I imagine it’s some setting that I may have changed?

It’s unclear what you’re clicking on in the page. A screen capture could be helpful.

Sure, this shows a couple of items in my global inbox. While the screenshot shows me right clicking the item’s name, the same thing happens if I just double click the item’s name.

What version of DEVONthink 3 are you running?

Also, note…

It’s not the best idea to be running DEVONthink 2 and 3 on the same account.

I’m running DT3 beta 3. I stopped using DT2 weeks ago, although i didn’t uninstall it - so you’re right, they’re both on the same account. But the file opening wasn’t a problem until yesterday.

I also wanted to mention that the same thing with the file opening happens when opening on different browsers - and also on both of my MacBooks running DT beta3.

It’s unclear what’s going on here.

The kind is reported as HTML document.
Is it an actual HTML file or is it a Bookmark?
How is this file being added to DEVONthink?

Jim, could this be a side-effect of the solution to this problem: DT3b2 - How do I drag and drop a pdf which has a URL attached?

Blanc- I don’t think so because I don’t use Apple mail which was mentioned in the thread. And it says it says the problem was fixed in beta 3. But thanks for the suggestion!

Jim- I think I figured it out. In the past I must never have opened HTML files by right clicking in DT2. I always just clicked the URL at the top of the item, to open to the actual webpage in Safari. But for some reason, HTML items (saved with Safari widget or converted bookmark while in DT) were always opening in DT3 with the editing bar present, which obscures the URL. That’s why I started double clicking the item and getting the saved file version. But of course, now i see if I toggle the edit button, the URL is right there at the top - and if I click it, Safari opens to the actual webpage instead of the saved file version.

Sorry, DT3 is working correctly - I just switched how i was viewing save HTML pages.

I was asking whether the fix (which is a workaround for how files with URLs behave when dragged to Mail) could have broken something - not obviously far fetched, says me who knows nothing about how DT (or anything else) is programmed.

But sounds like you solved it - good on you, mate :slight_smile: