HTML-like Video in a markdown was rendering slowly before could be played

Hi. I met a problem when I insert quite amount of videos in a markdown, which seems like below:

<video  muted loop onMouseOver=" ()" onMouseOut="this. pause() "   src="x-devonthink-item://balabala"></video>

I test without those js code, however, it didn’t help. Every single video need about 5s to render before could play, which are just blank at first. What quite annoy is, the render-time equals video counts x 5s, which means if I have 10 videos in a file, it would takes about a minute to render before any of them could play, and any change-markdown-display operation would reset this process.

If anyone know how to insert video in a markdown with an acceptable rendering time, it would be greatly appreciated. Any other way to do it are also welcome to discuss.

The video files are .mp4 h.264,

.gif and ![](video-link) are also tried but if I insert about more than 5 videos, the page starts to get stuck.
BTW, the videos are small, around 1-10Mb each.

wired thing is, if I use an absolute path of video, which like:

<video   src="/users/my user name/video link path.mp4"></video>

it won’t need any rendering time. Any idea why the uuid link are not working as expect?

since such link will unlink after video file move, I prefer to use uuid link.

I suggest that you

  • convert the MD file to HTML within DT
  • load the HTML file in your preferred browser
  • observer this browser’s behaviour when accessing the video

Is it different from what you see in DT?

It might also be worthwile to use a file:/// URL instead of a x-devonthink-item one.

Having said that: What exactly is the point of having “quite amount of videos in a markdown” file? Markdown is about structured content, not about multimedia data. That is not to say that it’s not possible to include video, audio, whatever HTML element you fancy into an MD file. Just that the format was not meant for that, so the result might somehow disappoint.


Thank you chrilleck, thanks for your reply.

I may can’t convert md to HTML, because there are also large mount of images within it as well, and I prefer the way inserting images in markdown. ( I use it to anlysis cinematography)

I think you are right. I may expect too much for the md file, but I think I will find a balance for this.

Of course you can, and I was not talking about doing that on a regular basis (but why not, given that the MD files are converted to HTML anyway when they’re rendered in DT?).

Please read my post again.

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Seems like I need to change my thoughts on this. Thank you again for your time.