Huge syncing problems - Other sync services better?

I have now huge syncing problems with My Mac says all is synced, but on the iPhone I cannot see the synced database in the location pop-up list - and I try for days!

While DEVONthink support is set on this :slight_smile:, I wanted to ask here: Do others experience syncing problems with

I have around 10 databases which I sync through two different accounts and in the past it worked reasonably well, but now one sync store on one account plays up strangely.

Are other sync services better?

Dropbox and CloudMe are in our experience more reliable, the servers are sometimes down or itโ€™s necessary to log in via the website to enter captchas because contrary to their claims they do sometimes throttle WebDAV traffic (reducing the number of connections to 6 or 4 might fix this). Are you able to log in to the website with or without a captcha?

I have never needed to use a captcha when logging into the website.

Thanks for the info about DB and CM.

The point is that Sync may trigger the need to log in with a Captcha, due to Boxโ€™s handling of the Sync requests.

Jim, did you get the details about the iPhone via email? Do you think is it rather an issue with or with the new iPhone? - Many thanks!

Yes, I have your Ticket now and will respond there. Thanks.