huge console.log file from Devonthink Pro Office

today I received a disk error the my primary HD is almost full. doing some searching I found that the DT “console.log” file is 600 gigabytes!

I tried to open this file in the OS X console app but after a few minutes I gave up…

what is causing that?
what happens if I delete this file?

so far I’m mainly using DT to do lots of OCR on PDF files.

thank you

i’d contact support. that sounds odd. by the way, do you have a 1tb fusion drive or something? laptops probably won’t have that kind of space, but imacs and macs might.

Which version of DEVONthink do you use? As each new version of DEVONthink resets the log file and as DEVONthink doesn’t log much information, the log file should be quite small usually.

However, both Mac OS X and third-party add-ons might increase the size of the file too. How many PDF documents did you OCR?

Finally, you can of course delete the file, it’s not necessary.