Huge Win using DEVONthink

I’m not sure if this is better posted here or in the miscellaneous section. But since it is about Devonthink, then I will try posting here to begin with.

Just wanted to share what for me, is a giant win with this program.

I have been really wanting to create summaries lately. And there is a giant book that I have converted to PDF input into Devonthink that especially has been drawing my intention. It is around 1000 pages.

It is far too big to put in the chat GPT to get a summary.

So I finally decided I would figure this out and I went to the manual, believe it or not. I found a command that enables me to split this book into chapters. It split it into over 100 chapters.

I was able to put an entire chapter into chat GPT 4 and ask for a summary. I kept asking to give more of a summary until it was done.

This was mind blowing.

I don’t know if it’s possible to do summary kinds of things directly in Devonthink but I’m certainly going to research it.

This just saved me inordinate amount of time and made studying far easier.

Thank you Bluefrog and DEVONtechnologies. You are very much helping me raise my game.


You’re welcome though the real credit goes to @cgrunenberg and @aedwards who are developing and fixing things behind the scenes :smiley:

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Then thank you to @cgrunenberg and @aedwards for all you do.

You are all changing my life.

I have always dreamed of tools like this. Or at least what could be done with tools that were better than I had at the time. I think it’ll take years more for me to really get the full value out of all this.

Sometimes I think there is too much grumbling and not enough praising. And I want you to know what a difference you are making for me personally.

Thank you.


Would you share your workflow? I would like to know how you did. ;D


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