Humble requests for the iPhone app(When can I ditch Evernote

Hi, I’m really looking forward to the iPhone app being released for DevonThink. I have two requests…

First, how will DevonThink for iPhone or DevonThink for that matter meet the challenge of getting information from the iPhone into the database? The best way so far considering the limitations on the iPhone is a customized email address that forwards links to the inbox. You can pretty much forward anything on the iPhone or iPad as an email. It’s the most natural way on the iPhone to forward information to something else.

Second, I think folks that love the OCR capabilities in DevonThink would really love it if the iPhone app could snap picture notes. I often take a snap of some lines in a book I’m reading with my iPhone, then email it to myself so I can later convert it into a searchable pdf in DevonThink. The iPhone app could make this process soooo much easier…

The iPhone/iPad app will directly sync with DEVONthink on the desktop by WiFi. It does support taking picture notes and will process them through OCR on the desktop.

Hi, Eric. This sounds great. But when I take picture notes with my iPhone, import them into Pro Office (usually via email) and try to process them with OCR on the desktop now, the OCR is pretty poor. This isn’t DT’s fault. The the resolution isn’t high enough and the lighting is often poor. Will this be improved somehow?

Tom S.

Yes, by Apple improving the quality of the built-in camera :slight_smile: Honestly, if the picture quality is not good enough there is little we can do about it.