Hundreds and hundreds of false duplicates with the prefix of Tags>

I have a veyr odd issue with an indexed folder of files. Everything is showing as a duplicate. When I look in the smart folder at them and show location, the duplicates are the same file. They aren’t duplicates. The only difference is that in DevonThink only, as you can see in the screen shot, each actual file is shown with a false duplicate with the prefix ‘Tags’. What is going on?
If I delete the duplicate I delete the actual file, so I can’t do that.

What is going on and how can I fix this?

This is not a prefix but most likely a different location (assuming that the Location column is visible on the right). One items exists in a subgroup of CS Courses, the other one inside the Tags group.

However, if both reference the same file (see Path in Info > General inspector) then deleting one will only remove the reference from the database but not the indexed file. Indexed files are only deleted when the last reference in the opened database(s) is removed.

By the way, which version of DEVONthink do you use and where in the filesystem are the indexed items located?

Hi there,
The screenshot is from the ‘duplicates’ smart folder. Every single pair of supposed duplicates shown points to exactly the same file. I have no group of files filed under ‘Tags’ - I don’t know where that is coming from. Not all of the duplicates have that ‘prefix’ some are just duplicates but they all point to exactly the same file location. When I look in finder, or show in finder - it’s the same place. I don’t have duplicate files in finder.
I have no idea what is making DevonThink do this and think that there is.
I’m on v 3.9

Did you try to delete on the of redundant items inside the Tags group as suggested? Does this fix the issue?

Just realised what you meant - and Success!
Looks like I had unwittingly dropped an indexed group into the ‘Tags’ group within Devonthink. Had no idea where it had gone.
Problem solved.
Thank you for your suggestion. I think it would have taken me ages to work that out.

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You’re welcome and glad that this fixed the issue!