Hyperlinking to other documents

Unless Im mistaken, its not possible in Devonthink to hyperlink to a document elsewhere in my computer. This is a drag because I use Devonthink in a way similar to that NYT writer - ie, not to import or index all of my files, but as a kind of scrapbook of research snippets. May i request this simple feature for the next version?

You can of course link to files by using the “File > Link To…” command (this will add links to your database). And in the next release you will be also able to add file links to rich text documents (by command-option-dropping files to rich text docs).

It is indeed possible. In fact linking to external documents is something DT does very well and in a variety of ways. For instance:

Menu command: File/Link to…
Command Option Dragging a file directly onto a dt file hierarchy
The “Link to” Dock command (control/left click on the DT app icon)
Via various Applescript commands; including the Folder Action “Action Link”
By pasting the Posix path of a file into the path field of any document
Even by dragging the icon of an unknown file type right onto an RTF file within DT.

That’s just the ones that come to mind at the moment. If you look at the docs I suspect you will find the way that suits you best- without having to wait for a future version.