Hyperlinks - Word doc and PDF, and a small detail about font


I’m importing a lot of word docs. Many of them have links within the document. These in particular, all have links with each other. Let’s say:

doc1. link to page 20 of doc2 (document name, hyperlink). assumed to be same folder

That’d be possible. Link between imported grouped word docs. or imported word docs retain a reference to where it was imported from. Docs with the same reference, their assumed inter-document links, would work.

Font’s also seem to change upon import; the default rich text font isn’t even used.


DEVONthink uses either QuickLook or Cocoa’s text engine to display Word documents, the rendering results might vary and the links might (or might not) work if you’re indexing the documents.

Finally, the default rich text font is only applied to new rich text documents. Word documents are read-only and not modified.