Hypertext links from Bookends to DT do not work

Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble creating links to Bookends refs in DTO Pro.

I followed the BE instructions for creating a link. This works in other applications – I drag the Bookend reference to the other app, and a link appears. But in DT the result is plain text. Is there some preference setting that I need to change?



Where did you drop the link? And which version of DT do you use?

Sorry to be slow in replying.

I am using DTPro 1.5 on System 10.4.11 on a Macbook Core 2 Duo.

I have tried the procedure three different ways. First, dropping the dragged link into a Group window – this creates a new Plain Text, no link

Create a plain text, drop the dragged link into the document window (where words would appear if I were typing). Same result: No link

Create a RICH text, drop the link into the writing space. Again, i get the words but no link.


If I’m dragging references from BE’s main window to TextEdit or DEVONthink, then plain text is inserted in both cases.

To create links one has to drag the ID from the reference window or drag a reference from the main window while pressing Command and Option modifier keys.

I don’t know if there are any other possibilities.

Thanks, the second of these two options does indeed work for me. With the former, it never does – if I try to drag the ID number, the response is as if I am trying to drag the whole window about.

However, that’s not a DT problem, and anyway, as I said, the second method works.

Again, thank you!