I am an absolutely novice. Never used any database before. Need basic help!

I have never used a database before. The questions being asked and answered here imply some degree of familiarity. I need someone to talk me through the basics. Am finding the manual confusing. Is there some phone support I could get?

Welcome @lsrh

Due to the size of our company and the international scope of our business, we only provide scheduled phone and remote support on an issue by issue basis. The majority of issues can be handled through our Support Ticket, the built-in Help, and our User Forums here.

I suggest you start in the manual with this section…

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I know it is well out of date, especially with ver 3, but I found Joe Kissell’s book Getting Started with DevonThink a useful starting point - have no idea if it is still available.

Don McAllister has a series of video tutorials on DEVONThink