I am unable to move sorter on right edge

Should it work there?

I can move it along the left, move and position it along the bottom (even though my dock is there as well), but when I move it to the bottom right edge it simply slides along the bottom to the bottom corner and will not flip up to the right edge.

Am I doing something wrong?

Where’s the Dock located on your computer? The Sorter and the Dock can’t be on the same side.

Actually, they can. I have both on the left all the time.

My experience with the Sorter is that it can be on the same side as the Dock, if the Dock is changed to the same side where the Sorter is positioned. On Leopard, I’ve not been able to set or move the Sorter along the side where the Dock is located. If you want the Sorter on the right, try the following:

  1. Quit the Sorter
  2. Set the Dock to appear on the left
  3. Set the Sorter to Show, and drag it to the right edge
  4. Assuming you want the Dock at the bottom, change it back

I had the same problem with the sorter: it doesn`t flip around the corner.

The solution: Just pull it right away from left to right, without pulling it across the corner and the bottom.

That works here

Thanks, some combination of quit sorter / move Dock / show sorter / move sorter / move Dock again … seemed to do the trick.