I am using DTOP 1.54 everytime I entering a new group it cra

I am using 1.54 because 2.0 will not transfer the names of my files over. I just get numbers for every file so I went back to 1.54 now everytime I add a new group the program crashes. I am getting rather upset with this program, any help nay ideas on how to get this to work. Thanks

The conversion to the 2.0 database did not affect your 1.5.4 database.

But have you run Tools > Verify & Repair to check the 1.5.4 database? I would suggest that you do that. If there are no errors, or if errors are corrected on a subsequent run of Verify & Repair, run Tools > Backup & Optimize.

If you continue to experience crashes, that’s definitely abnormal. Please send a message to Support (Help > Support) and attach the crash log to your email message. The crash log can be found in the Console’s Log Files > ~/Library/Logs > CrashReporter.