'i' button ? Where is it ?

I can’t spot the i button mentioned when in an open document. I can look at the doc’s properties with the bleu arrow but not many can be edited. The name isn’t editable as an example.
Did I get something wrong ?


The 'i’nfo button should be at the top right, the only button on iPhone. and the first of several on iPad. On my iPad, the info button highlights when pressed but doesn’t do anything. And yeah, renaming items seems not possible yet.

Renaming is not yet supported. Please see the DEVONthink To Go FAQ.

On the iPad that button isn’t an “i”, it is an “!” - pressing it marks the document as unread.

Then this is not right for the iPad
… a blue circle next to a document’s name in a list or tap the ‘i’ button when the document itself is shown. On the iPad…

And sorry for not spotting the FAQ about renaming…

I agree. :slight_smile: The info screen seems to be the most appropriate place for doc settings as more are added; more buttons in the toolbar wouldn’t work. Not having that on the iPad seems strange. I’d prefer to have the info arrow removed from document lists since it isn’t frequently used and I think clutters the UI.



I just found this thread… I had actually submitted a support ticket for my Info futton on my iPad. As far as I could tell, it simply didn’t work. I was expecting it to open an info popover with document stats etc (pretty much the same as the blue arrow next to the document name on the left hand side).

However, pressing this “i” button on the iPad’s top menu bar done nothing at all lol. It’s only after reading this thread that penny has finally dropped and I now see that it’s not an “i” button at all… It’s an “!” and it does indeed toggle the documents’ status betwen read/unread (thank you Korm) :smiley: