I can't find the DEVONthink Jot Widget

Where is the “completely rewritten DEVONthink Jot widget” mentioned in the beta 6 release notes? Not even a search through the installed package manages to locate it… :frowning:
(I have updated the application directly from inside DEVONthink Pro Office.)
Thank you for your help.
Olivier Spinnler

I had the same problem.
Solution: Download DTPO from the Downloadside. Open, the ZiP-File, Click the icon, the Installation will open, there you will finde the extras folder, which you can copy to the destination, where you have th old Extras folder. DTPO you don´t need to install again.

Note the new Take Note feature in pb6 for DT Pro/Office.

This can be triggered by a keyboard shortcut set in Preferences > Sorter, or by clicking/holding o the DT Pro/Office Dock icon and choosing Take Note, or by (with DT Pro/Office frontmost) selecting the menu command Tools > Take Note.

I’m having trouble as well. That complete sentence states:

Bill has answered the question of the hot key as well as other ways of opening the “take note” window.

However, I can’t find the widget part of this release note. Is there an actual separate widget or are we talking about the same black HUD-style “take a note” window?

@darwin: Just an FYI regarding the steps you advise to install extras: Under the Help menu is an item at the end “Install Add-ons” which will do what you’re describing.

A few months ago I asked:

Why doesn’t “Install Add-ons” have the optional to install the Widgets (and certain other extras that currently require manual installation)? It would be convenient to install as many DT-related components as possible from a GUI.
(Widgets, plural, because DEVONsearch still existed)

No response.

IMO, DTech software (de)installation in general has quite a bit of room for improvement. I’ve been reminded of that (again) reading some recent articles by Lukas Mathis:

Installing Applications on the Mac: Still Broken
More on Installing Applications

Of course much of DTech’s software has various optional components to consider. But for starters I hope they’ll find a way to get rid of those .dmg.zip files that encapsulate disk images in a zip archives.

Don’t forget that zipping those .dmg files results in almost a 3-fold reduction in download size.

That wouldn’t make much difference in download time if everyone had a fast broadband connection. But I have satellite broadband and was running about 33 KB/s (it’s a rainy day) during the download of DTPO2 pb6. I saved minutes because the download was zipped, at the expense of about 4 seconds to unzip it.

All of us who use the Internet (I do it reasonably heavily) are working in a system with finite capacity.

I don’t see much of a downside in reducing Internet traffic when possible. From the perspective of my environmental management background I think it’s good citizenship.

Sounds like the dmg images aren’t being compressed (enough) before being zipped, e.g. using UDBZ format:

UDBZ - UDIF bzip2-compressed image (OS X 10.4+ only)

Of course. And eliminating either the .dmg or .zip from the files would save a bit of energy (and time), at least when extracting, which is also environmentally positive. :slight_smile:

In any case, installing/updating DTech apps plus their optional extras is a laborious process compared to other OS X software I’m using. Part of that is due to the nature of the apps. I do appreciate the Install Add-Ons dialog handles the non-extras parts. And I’d rather do the rest manually than have some atrocious Adobe-like installer trying to do it.

Some of the product installation documentation might still be too hard to find. I’m not sure there’s a single page covering all the typical parts someone might want to install. The INSTALLATION section of the Upgrader’s Guide PDF says:

To install DEVONthink or DEVONnote, simply drag the application file from the mounted disk image to your Applications folder. Have a look at the Extras folder (DEVONthink only) for more items that you can install. The Extras folder also contains instructions how to use the additional items.

No mention of the Install Add-Ons dialog there. And several forum and blog posts have asked how to install bookmarklets so perhaps that could be more obvious.

From a new user’s perspective, perhaps the path to follow after downloading to confidentially get various pieces into place before actually using the more ambitious DTech apps may not be clear enough.