I can't install DEVONthink Pro scripts

I can’t install scripts in ~/Library/Scripts from Help under Leopard

Log output:
20:59:39: ~/Library/Scripts/Applications Fehlgeschlagen
20:59:39: ~/Library/Scripts/DEVONthink Pro Fehlgeschlagen

I think it’s a permission problem, can I do it manually?

If you have Administrator privileges, select that “Scripts” folder and change your permission to “Read & Write”. (This is done in the Info panel.)

I found DEVONthink Pro Scripts installed in ~/Library/Application Support.
Which scripts are goes to ~/Library/Scripts , ~/Library/Scripts/Applications?

I suspect that your problem is that you don’t have Read & Write permission for the Scripts folder inside your User Library.

If that’s the case, any attempt to manually install scripts would also fail, as that folder won’t allow you to make modifications.

To correct that setting, select the Scripts folder inside your User Library.

Press Command-I to open the folder’s Info panel. If your OS is Tiger, go to the Ownership & Permissions area. If Your OS is Leopard that area will be named Sharing & Permissions.

If you don’t have Read & Write permission, click on the lock symbol to open it (you will bave to enter your administrative password).

Change your permission to Read & Write, click on the cogwheel symbol to choose the option to apply that permission to enclosed items, then close the Info panel.

Back in DT Pro, choose Install Add-Ons and confirm. Check the Log. The scripts should have been properly installed.

I solved the problem :smiley:

  • my old Scripts folder was owned by System and I could not add a rw permission for me, the info window crashed
  • I have to create a new Scripts folder in my Library, this folder have the correct permissions and all files was installed