I created a customised link for other document, but why it is not appears in see also?

Firstly, I create a custom metadata in preference->data called Link which is an item link

Secondly, I opened document A, and filled the Link to document B

I am expecting to see document A will show in document B’s See also and vice verse, but both not.

Did I miss anything? Thank you


See Also operates on the content of the files. How similar in content are they?


They are not similar.

The reason I put the item link is to remind me the one when I see the other one. Is there another way to achieve it?

Have you looked at Tools > Inspectors > Document > Links ?

It is not in Tools > Inspectors > Document > Links, only in Tools > Inspectors > Info > Custom.

If we can move the custom link into Tools > Inspectors > Document > Links, that will be great.

Also, I noticed there is incoming links tab in the Tools > Inspectors > Document > Links, is it actually back links? That is cool!

Another thing, in Tools > Inspectors > Document > Links, I noticed that the outside links and internal links are mixed together, will be great if there are some filters, sort, or some background colours to tell the difference.

Thank you