I did something wrong with copying databases

I was unwillingly running a script on my databases. So I wanted to solve that. As I had the databases freshly secured via TimeMachine, I was simply restoring the database back from TimeMachine.
But if I look at my iPad, the number of documents does not match my Macs numbers. For instance, in the trash of my iPad I habe 400 items, in the trash on my Mac i only have 10.
So did I make a mistake by restoring the databases from TimeMachine? What do I have to do regarding the synchronization between my iPad and my Mac?

Thanks a lot

Did you check the number of items in the trash before backing up via Time Machine? Restoring a fresh backup of the database should actually be identical to the current database. What issue did you actually try to solve?

I might have been unclear. So here is what I did.

  1. I made a TimeMachine backup
  2. I was applying the filter duplicate rule
  3. I ended up having all the duplicates in the trash
  4. I wanted to restore some of the files, but I screwed the locations up
  5. I was not doing other changes for a couple of hours. But I was using my iPad
  6. In those hours obviously the sync function must have propagated the changes to the iCloud
  7. As I was not doing other changes to the database, I thought it is best to just restore the Databases from my TimeMachine backup
  8. after the restore, every file was back where it belonged
  9. I did work with the databases as usual on my Mac
  10. I wanted to use DevonThink to go so I started the app on my ipad
  11. I realized, that the changes of the filter duplicate rule were synchronized, as I can see all the files in the trash and now I have a mismatch of the amount of the files. For instance I have on my iPad 1665 files in the trash, on my Mac 107. I have 2185 files in the Inbox on my iPad and 856 on my Mac.

So do I just have to wait and it might be that the sync process corrects all the changes on the iPad or do I have to delete all the databases on my iPad and run a fresh sync?


Given the situation, I would suggest you do delete and reinstall DEVONthink To Go, then set up sync and reimport the databases. This way you know you have a fresh set of the data.

Thanks for the fast reply. I will do that then.

Thanks !

You’re welcome.