I does not found the folder of a group

I use devonthink for a short time.

Today I have upgrade to version 1.7.2
In the left Window I have two groups

  1. Neue Gruppe 1
  2. Screenshots Panther

In the group 2) I see 10 jpg screenshots in the right windows

The URL of this group 2) is:

/Users/MyName/Desktop/Screenshots Panther.

But on my desktop there is nothing??? No folder??

If I search in the finder to Screenshots Panther there is also no result.
If I go to group 2) and klick on it to use the instruction <Show it in finder> there is no result?
I’m shure I make a mistake but I don’t no which mistake.

Can anybody help me???

Jochen (GER)

Not all images inside a DEVONthink database have an external file representation (e.g. if the images have been copied into the database and if the original files have been deleted).


Thanks for your help.

I think but I’m not shure I have deleted the original jpg files.
Then I don’t understand the idea of DEVONThink.
If I delete files after Import in DEVON I can see the files in DEVON but the original is gone???
But let me say I’m a beginner of use of DEVON!!!



If you discover that you have deleted the originals, (but have the images saved in your DT database, then if you want them back on your desktop, try this;

Create a new folder on your desktop and name it ‘Screenshots Panther’.

Click on the arrow next to the ‘Screenshots Panther’ folder in the top DT window to expand the folder so that you can see each of the jpg files.

Now highlight each jpg file in turn and drag and drop each highlighted file onto the new ‘Screenshots Panther’ folder which you created on your desktop.

This technique seems to work with individual files, but not with folders in DT.