I don´t need the Sorter, but ...

I don´t use/need the Sorter (sorry),

but everytime I start Devonthink anew, the Sorter shows up on its place, so I have to to close it everytime.

Is there a way to say the the sorter, that it should not be shown, anyhow?

Thanks in advance


Preferences > Sorter - Hide

That’s one way to do it, but you may also need to remove the Sorter from your login items in the system preferences.

Hi Bill,

yes, I know, but the Sorter didn´t care next time I start up the Mac. It shows up again.

But I think to remove it from the log in items should help.


Well, looks like we have a bug right there in the open :slight_smile:
Hiding it in the prefs should remove it from the login items.

It seems to be a bug in OS X. So it will maybe be fixed in 10.8.

Oh ye of little faith! :slight_smile: You’re being much too optimistic. :smiling_imp:

That’s debatable. I’d prefer it worked like that but there might be cases where someone (not me :slight_smile:) only wants to hide Sorter during the current login session and have it launch during the next login. So, hiding could possibly offer a choice of login item removal in addition to disabling for the current session. And enabling it might only be for that session and optionally for future logins.

I don’t get why this is a OS X bug (I’m no dev mind you), if your app can add something to the startup items, then shouldn’t you be able to remove it?

It is a bug by Apple because I cannot reproduce it on any of our machines and so it works as specified by Apple’s API documentation. But not on all machines obviously. And I have discovered other bugs in their code related to this functionality for which I have had to add workarounds, so I’m not particularly impressed with the quality of their API, yet it is the preferred one as recommend by Apple on Leopard.

Meanwhile I have take it aout of the log in items, that works. everything fine.