I don't Get what I'm doing wrong Web Archive

I’m trying to archive web sites using Download Manager. I drag the URL to the input field

e.g. dir.salon.com/story/news/feature … index.html

The activity registers very quickly in the box, too quickly to see. I can see it says loading, but that’s all. But, it appears to complete, then I can’t find the archive

I have all the file type options turned on. I have the offline archive checked, I have the import files to database checked?

What am I doing?

did you try looking in the “Archive” folder on the root of your database? It should be in there, inside the appropriate folder for the website (salon.com) that you were visiting…

The “Offline Archive” setting just archives the pages (and their embedded images, scripts and style sheets) added to the download manager but doesn’t grab whole websites. To download & archive a website, open the “Options…” sheet, choose the desired “Follow Links” setting and activate all file types.

There’s no archive folder in the root of my database. So it’s not there.

Also, as I said in my post, I have all the options checked in the options sheet of the Download Manager .

Is it possible that I don’t some permission or have to log in?

Please check that the “Import to database” option of the action/contextual menu is checked - otherwise the files will be downloaded to the folder specified in the “Options…” panel.

I got it to work. I did not have all of the correct options checked.

Thanks Chrisitan