I don't understand "In Selection"

I’m trying to do a search in a particular set of records (which I have selected) from the toolbar, but whenever I choose “in selection” it does not limit results to the records I’ve selected, but instead limits it to the folder that contains them. As such, I’m confused about how to go about limiting a search to a particular subset of records that I’ve selected.

I believe “in Selection” is limited to the contents of a group but not a sub-selection. It’s mentioned in the discussion of the Search panel, and the same applies to the Find box in the toolbar:


korm is correct, if you are using a view (e.g. Three-Pane) where the group remains the selection. You can switch to the split or list view and drill into the group, make a selection, and the toolbar search will only search the selected documents.

Thanks, Greg – that’s a good tip. :slight_smile: