I give up … What's the 'magic invocation' for Siri?

While in the car yesterday, I decided to try out Siri with DEVONThink To Go. I issued some collection of words (after getting Siri’s attention) that went as follows:

Siri: What would you like to call the note?
Me: “A Test of Siri”
Siri: What’s the body of the note?
Me: Let’s see if Siri can work with dictation directly to a DEVONThink note.

… and it worked.

I have not been able to make this happen again. Any attempt to create a new note referencing DEVONThink ends up adding a new note to Note.app

I have the updated version of DTTG
I have iOS 11
I have set Siri to ‘Use DEVONThink with Siri’ in the Settings > Siri & Search

What is the magic phrase?

  • RHM

“Hey Siri, make a note in DEVONthink” works for me.

Works for me, too. You can make a note. You cannot tell Siri (successfully) to edit an existing note.

The new (female / American) Siri is slightly challenged when parsing punctuation. Simple sentences are best. The British female Siri has no idea what I’m saying and refuses to take notes. So, YMMV.

Thank you. It works for me as well.

Best to you both,

  • RHM

Does this only work in iOS 11? I can get it to open DTTG but nothing else. No new note is started.

iOS 11 only.

Thanks Scott. I probably won’t upgrade for a few weeks but will look forward to this feature when I do.