I got by mistake opened a second database

Hi all
I have cleared my Mac and installed all applications again - nice and fresh. I always have found the backup and restore procedures of DT a bit strange. Earlier I not have got any problems but this I managed to now have 2 databases.

Locations of these 2 databases are:
/myuser/Library/Application Support/Devonthink Pro 2/inbox.dtBase2

I think the database in documents is the wrong one but how I can best and most secure turn that one off?
And the scary part is I start to have added new files to inconsistency both databases before I noticed my mistake. So I would also need to secure all new added files to wrong database is moved to right one. Tips for that? Perhaps using some smart groups?

I’m running DTPO 2.10. Thanks for your time and ideas.


What “backup and restore procedures of DT” :question:

The App Support one is the proper Global Inbox. The one in the Documents folder could be a copy of it, but that would be something unrelated to DEVONthink’s operation. It could also be another database named Inbox, as that would certainly be allowed (even if a bit confusing). If you can open the one in the Documents folder, it is not a copy of the Global Inbox. If it was a copy it would have the same UUID and it wouldn’t allow you to open it.

You added files how?

Many thanks for your reply Jim - quick and detailed as always.

  1. Backup & Restore.
    I used the functions in Tools menu. But about restoring after I cleaned the Mac I’m a bit in doubt how I actually did it. Perhaps I never got the procedure right.

  2. Double database.
    Yeah think you are right about which one is the right database. How I can close down the ‘wrong’ database? I never had more than 1 database.

  3. Adding files.
    I always just drag them into the proper folder.

No problem.

  1. Tools > Backup and Optimize adds a new internal metadata restore point. Restore Backup is only for rolling back an internal metadata backup. See: blog.devontechnologies.com/2017 … a-backups/
  2. You can close a database by selecting File > Close Database or selecting the same option when right-clicking the database in DEVONthink.

Big thanks - your solution worked perfectly.
Think I need to study the blog post and manual before next time.

Thanks again.

You’re very welcome! :smiley: