I hate automator :)


Automator drives me nuts!

I have the following workflow

open database

get specified record (and i have dragged the relevant group there)

  • todo

filter records
-state checked

set current group

  • archive

move records to group

The todo group has one item which has a state of checked
when i run the workflow I get all green arows…it doesnt protest that anything is wrong
yet the checked item is not moved to the archive group!!!

I firmly believe apple came up with automator for the sole purpose of bugging me!

Any inkling as to why its not working anyone?

What you probably want to add after “Get Specified Records” is the following:

[Get Group Contents] with “Exclude input group records” checked.

This will get you the actual contents of a group record.

Wen I add Get Group Contents and check Exclude Input group records I receive the following error

Variable excludeInputGroups is not defined


Are you using DT Pro 1.1? What happens if you quit it and Automator, drag the DT Pro application from the Applications directory to the Desktop, then drag it back again. Now restart Automator (you have reason to hate it because it caches much more than it should and this can help to clear some of it).

It still is strange, in my local situation I do not get that error. After the procedure above doesn’t help: could you please send that workflow to our support email address? Then we can see what’s going on.

I still have the sam problem after following your instructions. And yes I am running 1.1


I have sent my workflow file to devon support :slight_smile:

Thanks again

Ok, I had a look at your workflow and I’m posting the reply here because this may concern other users as well.

The problem is that you had built the workflow from older components that have improved in version 1.1. Automator caches all kinds of volatile information of actions in a workflow that it should not (feel free to report a bug to Apple about it). This is causing your problem.

After I rebuilt your workflow with the actions shipped with the last version of DEVONthink Pro, the workflow functioned perfectly. And it looked better too because of some minor bugfixes that affected some of the actions you used.

I’m sorry that you may have to rebuilt it each time we update an action, but normally we try to mention these in the version notes. I’ll make sure each updated one is mentioned in the future.

Thanks for the response.

and yes it works fine now.

When you say rebuild … what exactly do you mean? Are you saying I have to build a new workflow from scratch and not reuse a workflow provided by devon which I modify?

Once again, many thanks for your effort

By rebuilding I mean replacing old actions with improved ones. So check the release notes and replace the actions that were listed as updated (this is why I hate Automator because it is badly designed).

OK, thanks

Guess thats an argument for me switching to OO and kgtd for all my gtd stuff. Which is sad since I would prefer to a full “devonite” and stay within DTPro’s compound as much as possible. Then again, different tools for different things.

As usual devonsupport is excellent! The best by far!

Understandable, however I do not foresee many changes now to the actions since it seems that most of the improvements/bugs have been solved since version 1.0. But I agree that you should use the best tool for the job, even if that takes you away from our lovely application. :wink:

Wouldn’t applescript be usable here – and likely work better?

I made a simple mod to a provided DT applescript and it now does something similar to what you’re trying to do with Automator.

I could never get Automator to do anything useful either.

So I’d submit the problem is not DT :laughing:

I agree … what I wanted to do could probably be done better with applescript. However I have also posted under ical that som form of synch bewteen ical and DT Pro is needed.

For the moment I will stick with oo and kgtd.

If all of this could be done in DT Pro I’m all for it … after all is there a better way to spend your time than being in DTPro? :laughing: