I have just downloaded DT Office, what now?

I have just downloaded DT office. I have DT Pro in use. The manual says, I should trash DT Pro, but how should I do this?

Just take the icon in the programmfolder to the trash (what should I do with the extras?).

And what if I don´t like Office, how do I get my DT Pro back, I have no DVD Version?

Thanks in advance.

I´m very expected about office, it sounds like good new features.

Are you running DTPro from the “DEVONthink Professional.dmg” file? In that case you don’t have to do anything. But it would be better if you drag the application from that disk to your applications folder.

If you have done that, you can just drag it from there to the Trash. Later, if you decide not to keep our Pro Office version you can drag that to the trash and copy the original Pro from its disk back to your Applications folder.

You can always download any of our versions from our website when you need it. Or burn a copy to CD/DVD.

I hope this helps.

I have DT Pro in the application folder.

Okay, then. I will take the icon in the trash. And if I have go back to the DT Pro version I will download it again.