I have too many tags

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While reading the Devonthink manual today, I saw that it said having over 5,000 tags can cause Finder to stop working. I checked Devonthink and saw I have 13,000 tags, which are also synced to show up in Finder. Most of the tags are probably auto-generated by Devonthink and many are meaningless, unreadable tags. Is there any way for me to control the tags?:sob:

See this blog post:

Also, that is not the number of tags. It is the number of individually tagged items.
Select the Tags group of a database and the number of tags is shown in the Information bar provided no tags groups are open at the time, e.g.,…


Here there are 18 individual tags in this database.


Which tagging options do or did you use in Preferences > Files > Import? Do you use also use RSS feeds in your databases and the option to convert categories to tags is enabled (see Preferences > RSS)?

yes , i did this

And which ones?