I like your trial period restrictions

I like the N hours of use before you have to purchase restriction on DT. I just bought DevonThink Pro today. I started playing with it about a month ago, but then got side tracked with other priorities. Just got back to it this weekend, and confirmed that it solves some problems enough to justify the price.


I couldn’t agree more, and have lost count of how many other developers I’ve suggested use a similar evaluation style with their products instead of the typical (and more stressful on potential purchasers, IMO) N-day limits.

Follow-up: I just upgraded to DT Pro Office, so I am real believer now.

Maybe I’m the only one who’s had this problem, but I don’t like the restriction. I downloaded the trial on June 21. I’ve mostly kept DT open on my computer since because it takes so long to launch the program––I think this has something to do with the counting down, based on what I see on the screen while it’s “thinking” of opening.

On June 28, the program took my data hostage, forcing me to purchase or loose access to my data. That’s all of exactly 7 days, not 30. So I don’t understand the countdown method versus what’s advertised as 30 days. What might work well is what Scrivener does, which is give you 30 “actual” days use of the download. So if you use it for one hour each day, you have lots of “actual” days use of the product, versus just 30 calendar days.

This one week and then your data is highjacked was a very unfortunate thing for me. I had worked for a week to build a job search database (actually this was an Evernote tip that I decided would work far better in DT). Then yesterday, when I absolutely HAD to get a resume out, my data was taken hostage for 24 hours. Needless to say, I missed getting my resume packet out. I will say that I did get a response from sales, giving me a new trial license number, but with the difference in time zones between the U.S. and Europe, I did not receive the license number in the timeframe that I needed. I cannot say how absolutely frustrating and unfortunate this was for me. If I didn’t like the program so much, I would never purchase it now as a result of this.

But on the very positive side of this unfortunate equation, I LOVE the program and it’s been my “do everything” program for a week. I’ve used it for my original intended purpose, but I’ve used it for so much more that I don’t think I could live without it now. Actually, I cannot imagine, after a week, living without DT. So thanks for an amazing product, but PLEASE fix this timer issue so that you don’t loose other potential customers to the same unfortunate problem that I had––I really can’t stress enough how bad this was. I say this because I want DEVONtechnologies to have a huge customer base. After all, that just means many more really cool features for all of us.

Ironically, I downloaded DT Personal, and after a weeks use, and some really great responses from several of you on a thread that I posted on OCR, I’m going to purchase DTOP instead. Now that’s quite an “upgrade.” But I cannot stress enough how much I’d like them to fix this expiration issue, or at the very least, have the program issue a warning notice so that you can either export or purchase before your data is locked up.

Thanks again for a really great product!