I love DT (but of course have some suggestions!)

I’ve been keeping a running list of suggestions that I’d like you to consider for future versions:

1–This one is probably more of a bug fix than suggestion, but option-click on a folder arrow icon will not open all contained folders. It will close them, but not open them. I posted this issue to “troubleshooting” too.

2–Be able to create a bulleted list in RTF format

3–Why do duplicates of items show in bold? That idea makes sense to me when dealing with replicates, but i don’t understand it for duplicates. It’s kind of annoying.

4–Be able to auto-number items in a given folder and shift their position around. Kind of like a true outliner. Speaking of which…

5–Better outlining function. For example, hitting return adds a new item

6–Add a due date to items–iCal integration maybe?

7–Multiple undos, or at least one. Please!

8–The service “Append new note” seems to only add that note to your root folder, not the folder you happen to be in. It would be nice to add it at your CURRENT location.

9–Be able to bold or add a background color to a given item (file, folder, etc.)

You can probably tell I’d like the outlining features to be a little more robust. I’d like to use DT more for project management and these kind of features would be great.

Thanks for reading! It’s a great app, really.

While they aren’t “true” bulleted lists, in the sense that the bullets are not automatically inserted, you can add a bullet with option-8.

This is just a magic Cocoa trick that you get “for free”.

7-- Multiple undos works at least for editing within a note. Did you perhaps mean something else?

I too would like notes taken via services to be added to the current location rather than at the root.

Regarding #3 – Personally, I like the duplicates in bold. Lets me know I have another copy of exactly the same item elsewhere. Making it an option in Preferences would allow users to set their own preference regarding this.

#1 looks like a bug but #3 is actually intended as duplicates are usually unnecessary items and bold is just a reminder that there’s some redundant information in the database. Most of the other items are already on the list of upcoming features and targeted for v1.9.x or v2.0.

Thanks to everyone for the responses.

Regarding robothor’s post, I was aware of this, but was looking for something more like a true bulleted list. Thanks, though!

Regarding psmyth’s, I meant undos within the program itself. For example, if you drag an item into a folder that you hadn’t intended to, or if you accidently delete something, be able to undo it.

Regarding the bold duplicate thing, it would be nice to have this feature on/off as a preference option. Let me clarify why I don’t like it:

Say I use one file as a “template” for others, (a note in which i’d like to change just the project name, for example), I’d like to be able to duplicate it without having subsequent dupes be bold, since there’s no reason I’d want to “track” what I made a dupe of in the first place. I hope this makes sense.

I’ll probably continue to use DT as a database/information repository and OmniOutliner for notes and lists, though I’d much prefer to use DT exclusively. Maybe if the notetaking/outlining features are more robust in the future.

Thanks again, everyone.

I need to have the ability to undo a thoughtless or mistaken “move to” or drag.

Critical to allow me the freedom to mess up! :wink: