I Love it

I love the new DTTG. It has now been promoted to third spot on my front page of my ipad and iphone. I don’t agree really with some of the critical comments on this forum. It is a work in progress and I am sure functionality will be added to over the next few months.It seems to work mostly really well for me.

Just some constructive observations.

-I cant read pages documents
-I cant delete files on the ipad.

I totally agree. This app is in my dock and has replaced apps that used the cloud for document storage. Excellent work!

Although I agree that there are some functions that are missing, and I really hope will show up in the future, I love this app. It has earned a permanent slot on my dock and has replaced Evernote, and MacJournal.

Me too! Sure, there is room to improve the app. But for now I am happy to have significant portions of my databases on my ipod touch 2g. Buyers should take the description serious, that this app is just a “companion” of devonthink.

I love it, too. I haven’t had any problems…but, I’m not the heaviest user of DT and I’ve been really cautious before installing this app, for example I cleaned out my Global Inbox and at first only synced a newly created database with just plain text files. I’ve been slowly adding small PDFs, JPGs, etc.

So, I want to thank people who’ve been less cautious (or lucky) and have been posting helpful comments to the devs, so that bugs can be found and fixed. I’m sure I would run into one those bugs eventually.

Yes dttg was always going to get a place my my dock, but even though they’ve had so much time and this is 1.0, it still shows evidence of devontech, much like its grownup brother, dt. Started off with a bad UI, added some good elements, old ones still not removed, … I’m not sure if I mean to be so critical. maybe I do. DEVONtech has done a wonderful job with what DT was supposed to be, but its UI, imaging how a user will use the app and carefully adding elements with time, build on a decent foundation of understanding people, … DT still lacks that a bit. :slight_smile: Yeah they’ve been learning, but have a long way to go. I’d guess there’s no core psychologists (at least those with a decent interest) or any that have joined…


Wow… this is so great. Had some initial syncing issues. Worked them out including Global InBox problems but now this is working PERFECTLY! :slight_smile:

Thank you Eric!!!