I NEED DT Pro, do I need DevonAgent too?

I’m ready to upgrade DT Standard to DT Pro, I can get a discount on DTPro and DAgent. Do I need both?

I use DT Pro for capturing webpages for off-line reading, HTML code snippets archiving, pre-formated text replies to clients, a few images, but not an image archiver. I have a MailSteward for archiving email, so don’t need DT Pro Office and my scanning is done another machine (choke, wheeze, XP machine :laughing: ).

I’m not yet, but will be using the index feature for organizing clients projects, website design, video, photoediting, etc.

Does it sound like I should splurge for the Agent, or will I be fine without?

I’m really excited to have DT Pro as part of my digital life! :smiley:


I do a lot of online research, and find DA the easiest way to pull web content into DTP. It’s search features are also somewhat useful. I wouldn’t say I NEED it, but it’s definitely nice to have, and I found the DA+DTP package price quite reasonable.

But YMMV. If web research is not a major part of your workflow, you probably won’t miss it.


Thanks for the feedback, I’ll think I’ll go with DT Pro based on my current needs.