i(Pad)OS shortcuts and macOS Monterey

Will DEVONthink Shortcuts actions available in macOS Monterey?

Can we use already working i(Pad)OS shortcuts in new OS?

Shortcuts are not supported on macOS currently.

Will be in Monterey, and Monterey will be officially released next Monday. I’m expecting that functionality as well, to use DEVONSave from Monterey when DT support them.

Starving to get the same Shortcuts’ DEVONthink actions at macOS, as present at i(Pad)OS.

The point is, for DEVONthink, I already have more i(Pad)OS shortcuts than Keyboard Maestro macros for macOS.

I would prefer to continue developing Shortcuts — just to unify i(Pad)OS and macOS software.

Do you have any updates on this topic. I got some pretty useful (to me ;)) iOS shortcuts that i would love to use on mac as well.


Sorry but no, there is nothing more to report at this time.